Fraudulent use of CTIF-CFI identity

The CTIF-CFI draws the public's attention that its name is currently being used illegally, probably with the intention of committing fraud (phishing).

The CTIF-CFI has been informed of an e-mail sent on its behalf concerning a so-called “criminal investigation”.

The e-mail came from an address "".

The CTIF-CFI only uses e-mail addresses ending in .be and never in .com or .org.

We recommend that you check the sender's address in the email carefully and do not click on any link in the email if you don't know the address or if it looks suspicious. If in doubt, you can contact the CTIF-CFI to verify the authenticity of the letter (by phone: 02.533.72.11 or by email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).


The CTIF-CFI was also informed that certificates (see below) supposedly emanating from the CTIF-CFI would be sold for cash (2,500 EUR).
The CTIF-CFI points out that it never issues certificates or attestations of this type and that these are attempts at fraud. No payment needs to be made.
ctif arnaque
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